Design house with a room so good and science

Apartment 1 bedroom apartment is quite common in the cheap apartment today. The same reference design and beautiful interior layout, the science of the form 6 apartments okay.
1. Simple and cool 

Simple, effective and relaxing is what you see in this space. The apartment is decorated simply but clearly, each designed living space and spacious detached. Especially small-but-airy apartment owned by two balconies in the bedroom and living room. Large windows make the house always filled with natural light.

designed apartments, 1 bedroom apartments, condominiums, interior layout

This apartment is a living space simple yet desirable.

2. warm apartment with wooden furniture 

This apartment has the advantage of a square. With 49,2m² area, this is a space ideal for those who live alone or young couples. The house is divided as two halves, the left half of the bedroom, bathroom, closet, laundry room dryers. The right half is the living room and kitchen. This warm space with wooden floors and simple furnishings.

designed apartments, 1 bedroom apartments, condominiums, interior layout

A handy space with warm interior decor.

3. small apartment but personality

At first glance, the design of this apartment seems quite fussy but in fact the layout of the site was carefully calculated and very reasonable in use. Bedroom space with large windows bright with common design with closet and bathroom and laundry room. Living space - kitchen adjacent to large loggias and just straight up bright and easy to escape the smell. Combined with the dining table kitchen island make this area more convenient.

designed apartments, 1 bedroom apartments, condominiums, interior layout

4. Decomposition way clear space 

These apartments are usually small and open plan or borrow each other's space to create a broader sense. But by owning a house rectangular mold, horizontal surface and vertical surface should reasonably apartment below was designed by the clear separation of space. The only stove in living room - 1 dining but in the same space but separated by the kitchen table quite high. Light colored walls and furniture as well as apartments that aid does not get stuck or heavy.

designed apartments, 1 bedroom apartments, condominiums, interior layout

Kitchens and bathrooms are ceramic tiled ease of cleaning and polishing.

5. super small but airy apartment 

This apartment is quite small, however, had the good fortune to own much more airy, so the interior layout becomes much simpler. Bedroom priority area widest range of apartments with red colors - white, pretty attractive. Living room, kitchen, bathrooms are relatively small, but thanks to a matching interior is very comfortable.

designed apartments, 1 bedroom apartments, condominiums, interior layout

Small but cheerful and full functionality is what you see in this apartment.

6. Designing open 

Designing open very often found in the apartment area is not large because they create the airy living spaces that connect larger. In this apartment, in addition to the simple choice of furniture, living area, dining, kitchen cooking, working also be arranged in the same large room very handy.


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